Partner in charge: Rajiv
Design Team: Harini
Client: Manisha and Paramesh Chopparappu
Year of completion: 2015
Area: 1900 sft.
Contractor: Dreamworkz
Photography: Rajiv

The space is a three bedroom, two-story penthouse apartment that was designed for homeowners Manisha and Paramesh, their two dogs and a cat. The key of the design was transforming the old apartment into a space that reflects the clients’ personalities while transitions seamlessly between being a cozy place for relaxation and entertainment.

The crux of the design process was the pro-active involvement of the clients, making the design more personalized, with attention to detail that transformed the house into a home. Paramesh’s photographs line the walls, bringing to life some of his encounters during his travels around the world; while the addition of little green accents around the house express Manisha’s love for gardening.