Partner in charge: Rajiv
Design Team: Krishna, Magam, Kishore, Shalom
Client: Kalpesh and Purobi Dresswala
Year of completion: 2011
Area: 1,700 sft.
Contractor: Vittal
Civil: B L Manjunath & Co
Photography: Dipika Sapre

This compact couture store has been envisioned as a completely custom offering and experience for the discerning fashionista. This vision has been realized by attempting to create a ‘branded store experience’ that engages and inspires the fickle apparel customer through ‘storytelling’ and ‘interaction’ with the expert staff and of course a hand in the design of the apparel.

The store has been laid out to allow the customer to learn about new styles, define their own look and also enjoy the process of creating the perfect garment to suit their unique lifestyle. The second floor consists of the designers’ studio and workspace. .