Partner in charge: Rajiv
Team: Shubha
Client: Espio Solutions
Year of completion: 2010
Area: 3,000 sft.
Contractor: Dreamworkz
Collaborators: Lotus Design, Delhi
Landscape: 3 Fold Design
Photography: Ideogram

A flagship store for a brand of designer bathroom fittings in Bangalore was done in the ground floor of an existing apartment building. The project was a concept store that could be replicated at destinations across the country. The space has been re-configured by removing most of the walls to accommodate product display and enable movement within.

The entire façade was replaced with glass, for greater visibility and to enhance the entry to the store. The existing structure was loadbearing in nature hence some of the walls had to be retained in the interior layout. This predicament led to an interesting choice to use the walls as product display surfaces over which panels with graphics and products were mounted. The layout was thus developed to be a staggered setting of display walls and the customer could browse conveniently by moving through the space.