Partner In Charge: Rajiv Majumdar
Design Team: Neha Sapre, Jubin.J, Sagar.K
Client: Dentsu Aegis Network
Year of completion: 2015
Area: 10,000 sft.
Contractor: DT Interiors
PMC: Vestian
MEP: DT Interiors
PHE: DT Interiors Photography: Rajiv Majumdar

A corporate interior project on Richmond Road, Bangalore for Dentsu, a worldwide ad agency headquartered in Tokyo. The office had to house more than 120 staff members, segregated into various departments. Although most of the firm’s office spaces reflect the minimalism of its Japanese Roots, the new direction was taken to be an energy driven youthful space and one that aids collaboration.

The requirements had a direct relation to spatial density which in turn meant that the quality of experience within the space would achieve the optimum result. The end result was a young, bright and inspiring space that fosters a collaborative environment, encourages individual expression and a space that clients immediately identify as being a ‘hyper creative zone’.

THE GRID - the creative nerve center at the core of the experience; an open office grid intended to be a chaotic, loud and high energy space for all the departments of the Dentsu creative team. It is a metal grid structure located centrally within the office from which lighting, panels, pin-up boards, storage systems and planters can be suspended.

This “bazaar-like” space is a vibrant and inspirational, differentiating between teams and their functions while opening up to pockets of interaction. The structure made of painted mild steel sections allows for a great degree of customization ability to individualize his/her work areas. Its use of inexpensive materials /systems meant that it didn’t rely on skilled labor for implementation.

CABINS are dispersed across the office and have been designed to fit their unique user requirement. The cabins, located amidst planters, are designed like living rooms where conversations take place in a casual setting rather than across a table.

The graphical tinted films on glass lend a sense of visual privacy to these rooms and to emphasize organizational hierarchy.

THE VERANDAH is an open space at the rear of the office. It is a hangout space where the staff can unwind. It also functions as a space where informal meetings can be held in an outdoor atmosphere. A quiet, "library" area was incorporated into the office next to the verandah which doubles as a phone booth. It is a glass block nestled between the plants and the open office. Doors can be slid open making it part of the larger outdoor experience or closed to form a private meeting space comfortable for brainstorming or quiet contemplative space for design inspiration.

GRAPHICS play a great role in this project. The application of graphics was intended to provide relative privacy for the separate functional areas of the office. Through this process a conscious direction for the graphics was taken by designers and developed with Dentsu’s in-house graphics team. Graphics printed on translucent or opaque film; vinyl and canvas are placed strategically, enhance the spatial quality and act as points of visual interest in the open space.