Partner in charge: Rajiv/Gopa
Design Team: Ankur, S I Pasha
Client: Titan Industries Ltd.
Year of completion: 2013
Area: 950 sft.
MEP: E-Matrix
Photography: Ideogram
Collaborators: Lotus Design, Delhi

This flagship store for Fastrack – completed in 2013 - was designed to create a space that exudes irreverence, a key characteristic for the brand. Located in Indiranagar, one of Bangalore’s popular high street markets, this 1000 sqft retail space was created to be edgy and cool, seemingly put together at random without thought or purpose.

One of the principal tenets of the design was to provide a space that looks uncomfortable to reasonable adults. At its core the space is subversive to mainstream retail experience. Forming a complete contrast to the polished and clinical retail expression that permeates the Indian market, this space feels like a found object, a mad-hatter’s curio collection. When the customer buys something here, he walks away with a part of the store.